Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Valley Nilbog

I am about to do you a huge favor and suggest a movie that will change your life forever: Troll 2.  Seriously.  If you already googled it before getting this far in the post, you may have read some people claim that it is "the worst movie ever made," "horrendous," or "simply terrible."  Well, to those people I say this - I agree.  But that is exactly what makes this movie remarkable.

You may be asking why I would write a post about a terrible movie on this photo blog.  If you are asking this question you apparently don't know me very well.  But there is a reason for it this time.  The name of the city in the movie (shot in Morgan, UT) is Nilbog.  For those among you who are particularly astute, you may have noticed that Nilbog is actually Goblin spelled backwards.  Nice work.  

I recently returned from a trip down the Goblin Valley State Park where I took some pictures.  So, please enjoy some photos from The Valley Nilbog.

Beautiful morning after camping at the Goblin Valley campground.  I like super low horizon landscapes.  Why is that?

The goblins.  They don't look like vegetarian murderers to me.

This one is actually outside of the state park in Little Wildhorse Canyon.  I would definitely suggest this hike... but maybe not at the end of July.  It was super hot.

The last night I was there I was blessed with this beautiful sunset.  Thank you Nilbog for showing me that I "can't piss on hospitality." Seriously, you need to see this movie.  It's on Netflix Watch Instantly.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Trail Running in SLC

I had the chance a couple months back to go up into the foothills above Salt Lake City and shoot the new Gregory trail running gear.  

We had been rained out the morning before when we tried to shoot, and I was worried we had missed our weather window.  I woke up early the morning of the shoot to check the weather only to see it was stacking up to be a great morning for photography.

Runners: Brittany Kener and Jason Horne