Thursday, February 21, 2013

SLC Lifestyle Photography

The more I shoot it, the more I love shooting it.  Lifestyle photography is fun to shoot and there is a lot of opportunity to bring your own style to the table in this stuff.  A few months back I had the opportunity to do a quick (like 1 hour quick) shoot of the new lifestyle bags from Gregory.  We headed to downtown SLC to get them in their element.

SLC has some great areas if you know where to go.  Like The Rose Establishment at 235 S. 400 W.

I enjoy the challenge of mixing outdoor and indoor light.

And if I don't climb at least one tree in a photo shoot it just doesn't feel like I accomplished anything.

Lifestyle photography brings its own set of challenges and opportunities.  Having really honed my photography in the mountains and outdoors, I find these opportunities exciting.  I like to think I bring something new to it.