Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hammers Inc Arts Festival 2009

Last weekend I had the privilege of showing some of my photos at the 3rd annual Hammers Inc Arts Festival.  The festival was held in the Leisure Living Warehouse in Sugarhouse, UT.  It was great opportunity to show my work to the public, meet some new people, and even sell a few pieces.

I showed these six images at the event:

 Bob Athey and Mark White - Big Water Gulch, BCC, UT

Bird - Sugarhouse, UT

Tree - Berthoud Pass, CO

Sailing - Newport, RI

Car - Spring City, UT

Jer Valentiner and Luke Behrman - Wilson Fork, BCC, UT


Amy said...

I really really like the pics:)

m said...

love the one on the sail boat.

DAN said...

Nice pictures. If one of them featured me I would buy it - not that Jer's butt isn't handsome. This winter you should come tour some Gem State backcountry.