Monday, April 23, 2012

The Same Yet Different - Intro

I don't know what I expected to discover by doing this project.  The concept was to shoot essentially the same picture with the same lighting with as many cameras as I could get a hold of.  I wasn't trying to do a spec comparison between one camera system and another.  I wasn't trying to prove that film is better than digital. Nor was I trying to prove that digital is better than film.  I really just wanted to shoot a ton of cameras in a given scene.  I wanted to see how each of them felt, the shooting process for each, the post process for each, how models respond to them, etc.  I just wanted to see what happened.

I will feature a few different posts on the project - Large Format, Medium Format, DSLR, Point & Shoot, Toy Cameras, and a conclusion.  I hope you enjoy it.

Below you will see a sample of images of each of the four main models that helped.  They were so awesome to help me out with this project.  You will also occasionally see my wife (and son) and photographer, Jimmy Bunting, but I didn't get enough pictures of them to highlight here.  Can you tell what images were shot with what camera/lens/etc?

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