Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Festival 8 - Day Three

A friend of mine, Jimmy Bunting, also met up with us for days two and three of the festival.  He brought an old medium format camera into the venue on day three and you can see some of these sweet images here.

Day Three:

She introduced herself as Spanky Sparklebottom.

They played a full acoustic set at noon with free coffee and donuts (coffee? really? it is 90 degrees out).

Fishman played a simplified drum kit for the acoustic set.

They did a mirror image of where they typically stand for the acoustic set.

They played Wilson.

Hippies really like to hula hoop.

The sun went down as we awaited the second set.  Notice the ferris wheel and other installations brought in specifically for this event.

The first night we were actually able to see Fishman's face during the show.

We were very front row (on the rail) today and directly in front of Trey.

More Fish.

They played Mike's Song > 2001 > Light > Slave to the Traffic Light.  It was so sick.

Seeing them live is just an entirely different experience.

The show ended with a riveting Tweezer Reprise.

I have to say that these were the best concerts I have ever seen... and I have been to a few in my day.  If you ever get the chance to see Phish live, do it.  You will thank me for it later.

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Jimmy Bunting said...

Spanky Sparklebottom was so cool, I bet Phish would've totally paid her to go on tour with them.

I loved all the delusional fans; like the girl who thought Page was in love with her.