Saturday, November 07, 2009

Festival 8 - Day Two

Halloween + Hippies + Phish = Awesome

Day Two:

Is it just me or is Trey looking right at me?

Page came out front to sing Lawn Boy.

Here is why I shot more pictures of Trey than anyone else: Page only shows his head occasionally above his pianos and organs, you have to be in just the right spot in order to see Fishman through his drum kit, and Mike just isn't as animated as Trey - he just stands there and bobs his head.

For the second set Phish put on a "musical costume" and covered the Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street in its entirety.  To help they brought a trumpet, a saxophone, a trombone, and two soul singing ladies.  Yeah, it was just as good as you might imagine.

Trey and the horns.

We were about 3 rows back today straight out from Mike.

One of the soul sisters.  They also came out during the encore for a super-awesome version of Suzy Greenberg.

He can sure play that guitar.

What is he looking at?

Mike plays bass.

Exile On Main St was a superb choice for the musical costume.  It had great energy from start to finish.

The extra talent really brought some added coolness to the set.

Three sets of music today.  Not too bad.

More to come with Day Three...


Jimmy Bunting said...

I almost forgot how pissed Trey was at you for bringing in your camera.. the pictures are great and I'm sure he's over it by now.

Dustin Butcher said...

I hope he is, Jimmy. I hope he is. By the way, we are all patiently waiting for your Phish photo post. What's the story?