Thursday, April 08, 2010

Portfolio Post - Action

With the recent redesign of my website I spent time putting together five different portfolios to try to best represent my work.  Check them all out here:

The first of the portfolios (and my favorite) covers action imagery including skiing, climbing, swimming, etc.

Jer is one of my favorite ski models.  He will wear bright colors, ski the lines I want him to ski, make turns where I tell him to, and he is a ripping skier.  What is up with that tongue, though?
Jer Valentiner - Silver Fork, BCC, UT

The Y-Not is a classic Wasatch line for a reason.
Mark Greenwood - Y-Not Couloir, LCC, UT

This season has been weird regarding snow and avy conditions.  I spent a bit of time earlier this year back in the Wilson Fork area.  You won't find me complaining, though.
Jer Valentiner - Wilson Fork, Millcreek Canyon, UT

Mt. Olympus had loomed over me for long enough.  In March I made my way up there with Zach Clanton and Mark Hammond.
Zach Clanton - Mt. Olympus, UT

Shooting video for a climbing company for work definitely has its perks.  Among them is the chance to shoot some cool photos along the way.
Tom Adams - Maple Canyon, UT

This one was shot last season.  I went out to visit Jer in Boulder, CO while he was living out there.  Surprisingly, we actually found some good skiing.  Who knew?
Jer Valentiner - Berthoud Pass, CO

The rap on the Y-Not shot from inside the cave.
Mark Greenwood - Y-Not Couloir, LCC, UT

Took the chance to shoot a bit while at the Ouray Ice Festival.
Mike Portanda - Ouray, CO

Last fall, I went out and shot the Daybreak Triathlon.  The swim was supposed to happen in the lake out there, but due to a bacterial issue they moved it to the pool.

Bouldering during this year's Red Rock Rendezvous.
Mike Portanda - Red Rocks, NV

I had the opportunity to ski and shoot a bit with Cait Morgan this season.  She is an owner of BlueHouse Skis, has red hair, and is one helluva skier.
Caitlin Morgan - Reynolds Peak, BCC, UT

Another one I shot while shooting video in Maple Canyon.  The D90 shoots both stills and HD video.  This makes it nice when you want to get a little bit of both.
Jessica Taverna - Maple Canyon, UT


Jimmy Bunting said...

This is some awesome stuff! Can't wait for more.

jeremyv said...

Looks totally amazing, did you have to play with the coloring too much on the shot of me on the NIPPLE? We may have to go into some negotiations over the lamb picture on your photography website, I am sure Mallory would like it.

Dustin Butcher said...

Jimmy, thanks for the stoke. I am glad you like it. It has been a fun year for shooting.

Jer, I am not much of a "photochopper." Occasionally, I make a few adjustments here and there, but I try to keep things pretty clean out of camera. The nipple shot only needed a little tweaking since that is what I was trying to get when we shot it. Regarding the lamb photo... anything for you, sir.