Thursday, April 15, 2010

Portfolio Post - Spaces

I initially got into photography because of skiing and being outdoors.  However, once I started carrying a camera around with me more and more I found that I really enjoyed taking pictures of old things - architecture, cars, streets, etc.  "Spaces" is where those old things have ended up.

I took a video production class in San Francisco in December.  The class didn't start until 10am each morning so I took advantage of the time to walk around town and shoot some photos.
Lombard Street - San Francisco, CA

My wife's parents own an old pioneer home down in Spring City, UT.  The town is a registered historic city.  Going down there just automatically sends you back to simpler times.  This building is an old general store.  The same illustration is on the other side, but the sun has essentially removed it of color over the years.
Schofield's General Merchandise - Spring City, UT

Just 15-20 minutes south of Spring City lies Manti.  This building was completed in 1888 and looks super cool at night.
LDS Temple - Manti, UT

I took a photo class last summer and one evening was spent downtown shooting some architecture.  I think this shot was a bit different than what my instructor was used to seeing, but I really liked it.
City and County Building - Salt Lake City, UT

Spring City was founded in 1850 by the Allred family on assignment from Brigham Young.  This meetinghouse replaced the original structure and was built from 1902-1911.
LDS Church - Spring City, UT

Yes, another shot from Spring City.  This barn sits on my in-law's property.
Barn - Spring City, UT

Old cars can be fun to shoot, too.  These three sit in an overgrown field.
Car - Spring City, UT

I showed the above image of the blue car at the Hammers Inc Art Festival last year and it turned out to be one of my most popular images.  I had shot these others with it and have since put them together as a print series for a few people.  
Truck - Spring City, UT

The third of the series.  If you have interest in these prints or any others you have seen on this blog or on my website just let me know and I would be happy to work it out.
Truck - Spring City, UT

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