Monday, April 12, 2010

Portfolio Post - Lifestyle

Initially, I was thinking of just having a general "Skiing" or "Snow" portfolio that would cover both the up and down of backcountry skiing.  The issue I ran into was that the mood and feel of uphill images was totally different than that of downhill images, and I wanted to separate them to portray that.  So, instead, I put the downhill stuff in the "Active" portfolio and the uphill stuff in the "Lifestyle" portfolio.  I feel like the hiking aspect of backcountry skiing really portrays the lifestyle of what we do.  This portfolio also includes other outdoor lifestyle activities such as sailing, hiking, etc.  It just happens to be dominated by backcountry skiing right now because those are the best images I have.

It turns out that getting to the North summit of Mt. Olympus is not as easy as one might think.
Mark Hammond - Mt. Olympus, UT

I was in Rhode Island for work and our sales rep set up a day of sailing in Newport.  I'm a sailor.  I sail.
Nate Williams - Newport, RI

In order to ski the Y-Not you have to first walk up the Y.  Our problem here was that we actually took a wrong turn and had to work extra hard to get back into the main chute.
James Good and Mark Greenwood - Y Couloir, LCC, UT

The view of the gods.
Mark Hammond - My Olympus, UT

You've seen this image before.  It remains to be one of my best and one of my favorites.
Bob Athey and Mark White - Big Water Gulch, Millcreek Canyon, UT

This was shot during my blue period.
Jer Valentiner and Luke Behrman - Wilson Fork, Millcreek Canyon, UT

We skied the NW Couloir of the Pfeifferhorn for my 27th birthday.  You can't see the chute from this angle, but doesn't that peak just look rad?
James Good and Brook Golling - Pfeifferhorn, LCC, UT

After skiing South Monitor bowl, Bob broke trail on the way to No Name.
Bob Athey - South Monitor, Parley's Canyon, UT

Shot on the first roll of film I ever shot with my Holga medium format camera.  This also happened to have been Candice's first backcountry tour ever.
Candice Groesbeck - Mill D, BCC, UT


jeremyv said...

I didn't know you had a blue period!

Canberra Photography said...

Great shots!!! All of them are wonderful pics, I liked the one taken at South Monitor, Parley's Canyon, UT most.